Winter Newsletter

Introducing Monthly Wellness Coaching

Let’s start working on those New Year’s goals! For 2018 I am introducing more variety to the list of Wellness Coaching Programs. There will now be monthly and weekly wellness coaching options. This new program is the Spark Wellness Program. The Spark Wellness Program includes a customized fitness program, PT Hub fitness tracker, nutrition & wellness support, weekly wellness coaching calls, daily emails to keep you on track, progress monitoring and goal planning, as well as 4 personal training sessions for mobile wellness coaching clients based in San Antonio, TX.

For more information regarding the Spark Wellness Program please visit the website for a full outline of all of the wellness coaching programs provided at 180 Fit-Spa.
Interested in learning more and perhaps participating in the Spark Wellness Program?
Schedule a consultation and learn more about the monthly and weekly options and to inquire about pricing for the Spark Wellness Program. Please call 210-446-9959 or email for assistance.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Special promotion for the Winter Season. Pre-pay for 2 months of the Spark Wellness Program and receive your 3rd Month FREE. This offer is available for 10 clients only. Take advantage while spots last! Valid January 2018-March 2018

7-Day Defy Aging Detox Challenge

On March 1st 180 Fit-Spa will launch its first ever 7-day Detox Challenge. This is not like any typical detox program or cleanse but will instead focus on detoxing the mind of any negative and limiting thoughts and mindsets that prevent you from creating your best life. This challenge will be email based and include daily inspirational videos, workout moves of the day, holistic anti-aging techniques, skin care tips, my favorite recipes for fruit infused water, salad, smoothies and teas, and worksheets to help you build and develop a growth mindset that will help change your outlook.

Learn how to reclaim your power over the aging process and become inspired to live your most authentic life. Begin to defy aging on every level! The best part about this challenge is that it is absolutely FREE. So stay tuned so that you will know when this challenge becomes available and you won’t miss your opportunity to sign up!

Wellness Gift Basket

Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner. 180 Fit-Spa will be creating Wellness gift bags so you can treat a friend (or perhaps even drop a suggestion to your spouse) to a Valentine’s themed wellness gift basket. For more details please call  210-446-9959 or email

Smash Your Health & Fitness Goals!

How to Conquer Your Health & Fitness Goals for 2018

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year that you were going to improve your health and fitness? Perhaps you even made it a step further and joined a gym. Did you declare that you were going to start a new diet? Maybe you decided to try eating “clean” or going keto. You’re ready, this year it’s different. But let’s be honest it’s more of the same. According to Statistic Brain, 32.4% of people make weight-related New Year’s resolutions. Yet only 9.2% of people actually succeed at accomplishing their New Year’s resolution. A whopping 48.4% of people find infrequent success with sticking to and achieving their resolution. Whereas 42.4% of people fail at successfully achieving their resolution every single year. Continue reading “Smash Your Health & Fitness Goals!”