The 2 Most Common Arthritis Types

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition in which inflammation in one or multiple joints cause pain and discomfort. There are different types of arthritis but the most common types or forms of arthritis are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. There are a variety of factors or reasons that contribute to the development and onset of arthritis but there are changes you can make in your lifestyle and in your nutrition that can help you ease the discomfort associated with arthritis. Today we are going to dig deep into understanding these two forms of arthritis and how to properly manage the symptoms associated with them. Continue reading “The 2 Most Common Arthritis Types”

4 Simple Ways to Manage GERD

There can be no sensation quite as uncomfortable and difficult to tolerate as struggling with a burning sensation in the throat accompanied by chest pain. These are a few of the symptoms that are quite common for sufferers of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Today I am going to teach you more about what GERD is and give you 4 tips you can include as part of your lifestyle modifications that can help you find relief and better manage your discomfort. Continue reading “4 Simple Ways to Manage GERD”

Defining Diabetes

Defining Diabetes

As of 2015, approximately 30.3 million people in America were characterized as having diabetes. Diabetes was also listed at the 7th leading cause of death with over 79,535  deaths listing diabetes as a contributing factor. While these numbers can astound and shock us as we casually read through them they can lose their power and significance in our everyday lives especially when it comes to improving the choices we make regarding our health. Continue reading “Defining Diabetes”

Top 5 Health & Wellness Myths Busted

It Starts with Knowledge.


Another new month is here! This means I’m rolling out a new wellness topic that will help you in creating and achieving a healthy and balanced life. This month I’m going to focus on spreading awareness and educating you on chronic health disease, and autoimmune disease. You will learn more about what these diseases are, common signs and symptoms, risks and complications as well as ways to decrease the onset of these chronic health issues as well as ways to manage these conditions while still living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Continue reading “Top 5 Health & Wellness Myths Busted”

Managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Struggling and living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) can be an embarrassing and painful battle. While there is no cure for this condition there are ways that it can be managed and symptoms can be alleviated and flare-ups decreased. Let’s learn more about this condition and how it affects the health and well-being of those that are diagnosed with this disease.

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Understanding High Blood Pressure

Welcome to a new month and a new wellness topic! For the month of October, I will focus on bringing awareness to chronic health diseases and conditions. I will peel back the layers regarding what causes chronic health conditions, common signs and symptoms, risk factors and complications, and how you can prevent and manage these conditions to lead a healthy life. So whether you are seeking to prevent chronic health conditions or wanting to learn more about how you can manage your chronic health condition this series will provide simple and basic answers for both of these concerns.

To kickstart this series I am going to define and give you a better understanding of what high blood pressure is and how you can prevent and manage this condition.

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The 5 Skin Health Commandments

Why Healthy Skincare Habits Matter


First things first let’s talk about why skin health matters. Everyone wants their skin to look it’s absolute best. The face is the first thing that people see so being confident and comfortable in your skin is quite important. If you are not following a skin care regimen or it’s not a high priority on your list, I recommend you start taking better care of your skin now, like today. The habits and behaviors you practice today will affect your skin in the future. Preventing many common aging signs and symptoms before they happen is better than working to correct the damage that was done because of improper skin habits. Two of the main reasons preventative skin health is is important is because anti-aging is key!

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Age Proof Your Skin Care Routine

Routines are important. Simply put following routines can help you build healthy habits that promote well-being in your body. The same can happen by following a skin care routine that focuses on anti-aging and improving the health of your skin. There are a variety of skin care routines you can implement and create to fit and complement your lifestyle and your skin health goals. I am going to teach you the variety of options you have regarding what skin care routine you choose from the simple to the complex. You will be able to find a skin care routine that can adopt into your lifestyle to defy aging with your skin health.

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