My Story

A San Antonio, Texas based Wellness Coaching business that specializes in female anti-aging by teaching women the importance of skin health, fitness, and wellness practices. Focusing on these areas can decrease common aging symptoms most women encounter during the aging process. Wellness Coaching sessions and programs are available for purchase and use online as well as in person.

My Mission

To utilize a holistic approach to Anti-Aging by focusing on improving fitness, nutrition, wellness, and skin health.

My Vision

To redefine the health, spa, wellness and fitness industry by combining progressive holistic and clinical practices that empower, educate, lead and pursues authentic truth through genuine growth and evolution.


My name is Kathleen, I’m a Wellness Coach and the creator of 180 Fit-Spa. My vision and purpose fore creating 180 Fit-Spa was because I want to help women overcome the fear and angst that comes with the aging process. I accomplish this by teaching women how to prevent, and treat common aging related issues. My reason for creating this business is because I’m a woman in my 30’s who is noticing the first signs of aging and struggling with the awkward and embarrassing issues of infertility and IBS. To be real and honest I still struggle with these issues and am learning how to manage them. What I have learned is that anti-aging and wellness is a journey and a process. Focusing on nourishing my body with the foods that I eat, living a healthier lifestyle, becoming intentional regarding my fitness, and taking my skin health seriously I look and feel amazing from the inside out.

I spent my career as an esthetician working to help women defy aging on the outside but felt this calling and passion to help educate and teach women how to defy aging on the inside of the body as well and this is what drew me to becoming a Wellness Coach.

The Wellness Programs that I created focus on defying the aging process and all that comes with it.

This Includes:

  • Decreasing risk of chronic disease
  • Managing inflammatory diseases and conditions
  • Sluggish metabolism
  • Hormonal changes and fluctuations
  • Physical Signs of Aging
    • Sagging skin
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Discoloration and uneven skin tone
    • Premature aging

Learn more about the various Wellness Programs 180 Fit-Spa offers.