Workout From Home! 15 Minute Upper Body Workout Circuit

Sometimes going to the gym can be a bit boring and limiting. You can easily find yourself getting stuck performing the same exercises and not feeling inspired or committed to your workouts. And if you find yourself juggling a super busy and jam-packed schedule it can feel impossible to even make it to the gym. This is why I love at home workouts. You can squeeze out a quick at home workout in no time with just a few supplies and will still be able to accomplish your health and wellness goals. Today’s workout is going to help you do just that. Continue reading “Workout From Home! 15 Minute Upper Body Workout Circuit”

What Is Ovulation Dysfunction Syndrome?

Ovulation plays a major role in the conception process. When ovulation occurs a mature egg is released from the ovary. This mature egg has 12-24 hours to be fertilized. It will travel down the fallopian tube where it will wait for sperm to implant and fertilize. In cases of infertility, there are hormonal issues and imbalances that can disrupt the natural ovulation cycle and cause ovulation dysfunction.

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5 Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day With A Chronic Illness

Getting Romantic With A Chronic Illness

Balancing romance with a chronic illness is not always easy. Flare-ups, chronic pain, and low-energy can impact your day to day activities. Combine these with your love life and it can definitely become a romance killer. Finding a balance between romance and self-care is the goal. Choosing laid back activities that can be enjoyed from your home and don’t require too much effort could be the perfect fix. You get to conserve energy while spending time with your loved one. Here are 5 simple ideas for low-key Valentine’s Day dates that could be the perfect fit for you and your significant other. Continue reading “5 Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day With A Chronic Illness”

What You Need to Know About Unexplained Infertility

Unidentifiable Fertility Struggles.

Infertility is a confusing and painful process in and of itself. Dealing with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility can leave you with more questions than answers. Not to mention the angst and frustration that can accompany this particular medical diagnosis. Yet, many couples find that there is no identifiable cause or reason that can be found that can explain their inability to conceive. Navigating this diagnosis and finding what next steps you should take can be tricky. There are some guidelines and options you can follow that you may lead to providing clarity. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Unexplained Infertility”

Managing IBS Symptoms With Exercise

IBS And Exercise

It may be the absolute last thing that you want to do, but sticking to a regular exercise regimen can help you better manage your IBS symptoms. Not only does exercise help you manage your weight, decrease stress, and improve your mental outlook. It can also improve how the digestive system functions while simultaneously decreasing your IBS symptoms. Since there are different variations of IBS there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to fitness. There are specific guidelines that should be followed depending on your unique IBS symptoms. Continue reading “Managing IBS Symptoms With Exercise”

Is the Endo-Elimination Diet Right For You?

Endometriosis can be a painful condition that interferes with a person’s ability to perform their daily activities. If you have endometriosis you know exactly what I mean. From chronic pelvic pain, digestive issues, painful periods, low back pain, and inflammation. Managing endometriosis symptoms can be a struggle. Symptoms can range from mild, to moderate to severe and vary from person to person. Some prefer or need medication to help them achieve relief from their symptoms. While others seek natural, alternative methods for symptom management and pain relief. The endo-elimination diet is one of those methods that can help by focusing on the role that nutrition plays in symptom management. Let’s talk more about what the endo-elimination diet is and if this is something that is right for you to manage your endometriosis symptoms.  Continue reading “Is the Endo-Elimination Diet Right For You?”

The Effects of Endometriosis on Infertility


Endometriosis is a complicated condition that has a variety of side effects. In addition to the signs and symptoms that are experienced with endometriosis, many sufferers also find there are underlying conditions that they have to contend with. One such underlying condition is struggling with infertility. Today I want to share more about how endometriosis can affect fertility and what can be done to increase your fertility odds.  Continue reading “The Effects of Endometriosis on Infertility”

Exercise as Part of a Holistic Approach to Health

Holistic has become a buzz-worthy and trending word. Everything is holistic. From cosmetics, food, homes, cleaning products, facials, and now fitness. Before you roll your eyes and count me as another one of those people that hop on a trend because it’s cool or hip allow me an opportunity to redeem myself. I want to show you how and why creating a holistic approach to your fitness is integral to your overall health and well-being.

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What You Need to Know About Female Infertility

First things first, infertility can affect men and decrease their fertility odds. Infertility is not an issue that only women struggle with and face. That being said female infertility is often times an embarrassing, painful and exasperating burden that many women struggle with. From failure to conceive, miscarriages, expensive hormonal treatments, and failed insemination attempts. It can be a trying emotional and mental ordeal. When you and your spouse are actively working to conceive and are constantly facing negative pregnancy tests it’s time to enlist the help of a fertility expert. Before you schedule your first appointment there are some basic things that you should know in advance which can help you better prepare for your appointment while also helping your doctor determine the underlying cause of your infertility.  Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Female Infertility”

How to Make and Keep A New Year’s Resolution.

New Year, New You.

Nothing inspires change and turning over a new leaf the way that the beginning of a new year does. While I know there are many people that may roll their eyes and poke fun at those very much like myself that find joy in creating new year’s resolutions. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of the new year’s resolution. Many of the positive changes I’ve made in my life are courtesy of setting some pretty solid new year’s resolutions and sticking to them. Today I want to share with you my secret of how I can commit to and succeed at my new year goals and resolutions. Continue reading “How to Make and Keep A New Year’s Resolution.”