5 Killer Ways to Implement Self-Care for Chronic Illness Warriors

A quick scroll through your social media feed and you’re destined to stumble upon some influencer discussing why self-care matters. The majority of these posts have one thing in common. That is the fact that the person is usually soaking in a jacuzzi tub in a gorgeous locale while covered in a face mask. My problem with this depiction of self-care is that it promotes the idea that self-care is all about pampering, and luxury. That if you want to properly take care of yourself you must schedule a vacation to Bali with 5 of your best friends drink green smoothies, spend all day in the spa and sip champagne. While that does sound like a nice little getaway self-care is so much more than this. Continue reading “5 Killer Ways to Implement Self-Care for Chronic Illness Warriors”

Surviving the Holidays with Diabetes

Having a chronic illness and managing symptoms during the holiday season can feel like an overwhelming task. Actively managing diabetes symptoms and maintaining a stable blood sugar level is no different. There are a variety of factors that can lead to issues with either high blood sugar or low blood sugar. The four most common factors are non-diabetic friendly foods, alcohol, holiday travel, and stress. Let’s talk about some practical habits that you can put in place to overcome these factors and survive the holiday season with diabetes.

Continue reading “Surviving the Holidays with Diabetes”

How to Enjoy the Holidays and Manage High Blood Pressure

Common Holiday Triggers

No doubt it can be a major struggle to manage high blood pressure. (1) There are significant changes that are made to nutrition and lifestyle habits. The holiday season brings it’s own unique issues when working to manage your high blood pressure. There are three common triggers that can cause blood pressure levels to rise and lead to issues. These three triggers are high sodium foods, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and increased stress. Combine these factors and you have a recipe for disaster. Today let’s talk about some habits you can focus on implementing this holiday season that will help you maintain your high blood pressure. Continue reading “How to Enjoy the Holidays and Manage High Blood Pressure”