Could Your Diet and Lifestyle Be Affecting Your Fertility?

When you and your partner make the decision to start your family it may seem simple and easy. You might even think that you will become pregnant within the first few months. Yet for many couples trying to conceive comes with its own unique set of challenges. Your diet and lifestyle habits have a major impact on your fertility. Making healthy changes in regards to improving your diet and making healthy lifestyle changes can help you on your fertility journey and ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy.   Continue reading “Could Your Diet and Lifestyle Be Affecting Your Fertility?”

Facts About Blocked Fallopian Tubes and Female Infertility

 Blocked fallopian tubes are a common underlying cause of infertility for many women. The cause of blocked fallopian tubes can be due to a variety of different factors, but for the most part scarring and damage to the reproductive organs is the primary reason. Blocked fallopian tubes do not display any outward signs and symptoms. So, it’s quite common for women to not know they have an issue with blocked fallopian tubes until they struggle with an inability to conceive. Continue reading “Facts About Blocked Fallopian Tubes and Female Infertility”

What Is Ovulation Dysfunction Syndrome?

Ovulation plays a major role in the conception process. The process of ovulation occurs a mature egg being released from the ovary and fertilized within twelve to twenty-four hours. It will travel down the fallopian tube where it will wait for the sperm to implant and fertilize. In cases of infertility, there are hormonal issues and imbalances that can disrupt the natural ovulation cycle and cause ovulation dysfunction.

Continue reading “What Is Ovulation Dysfunction Syndrome?”

What You Need to Know About Unexplained Infertility

Infertility is a confusing and painful process in and of itself. Dealing with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility can leave you with more questions than answers. Not to mention the angst and frustration that can accompany this particular medical diagnosis. Yet, there are many couples that face the unexplained infertility diagnosis as the reason preventing conception. Navigating this diagnosis and finding what next steps you should take can be tricky. There are some guidelines and options you can follow that you may lead to providing clarity. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Unexplained Infertility”

The Effects of Endometriosis on Infertility


Endometriosis is a complicated condition that has a variety of side effects. In addition to the signs and symptoms that are experienced with endometriosis, many sufferers also find there are underlying conditions that they have to contend with. One such underlying condition is struggling with infertility. Today I want to share more about how endometriosis can affect fertility and what can be done to increase your fertility odds.  Continue reading “The Effects of Endometriosis on Infertility”

What You Need to Know About Female Infertility

First things first, infertility can affect men and decrease their fertility odds. Infertility is not an issue that only women struggle with and face. That being said female infertility is often times an embarrassing, painful and exasperating burden that many women struggle with. From failure to conceive, miscarriages, expensive hormonal treatments, and failed insemination attempts. It can be a trying emotional and mental ordeal. When you and your spouse are actively working to conceive and are constantly facing negative pregnancy tests it’s time to enlist the help of a fertility expert. Before you schedule your first appointment there are some basic things that you should know in advance which can help you better prepare for your appointment while also helping your doctor determine the underlying cause of your infertility.  Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Female Infertility”