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My superpower is encouraging women to become their best and healthiest self by transforming their health and wellness one skill, and habit at a time. 

Quick Question, What’s Your Superpower?

My name is Kat and I am sure you are wondering who I am exactly. I am a Lifestyle wellness coach, esthetician, writer, and passionate advocate of empowering women to unlock hidden superpowers that are essential to creating a healthy, balanced life.

My joy is getting the opportunity to partner with strong and amazing women, like you, and teach you the skills and habits necessary to defy aging and redefine fertility on your own terms. I accomplish this with my wellness courses, programs, coaching bundles, and digital content.

As a woman who has struggled since my teens to manage my painful periods, IBS, depression, body dysmorphia, skin health, and most recently infertility. I had to learn how to evolve and develop my own voice and speak up for myself when everyone around me told me I was crazy and that I was being “dramatic” and “emotional”.

I learned that when it comes to your health and well-being you are your own best advocate. I learned that when you know something is wrong and that something isn’t right your intuition doesn’t lie.

This led me on a journey of self-discovery and faith that has shaped my entire approach to health, wellness, and life. As well as heal my heart and soul. In essence, I had to unlock my superpower to redefine what health and wellness were for me and find an alternative path to healing.

Perhaps you’re struggling with similar issues and know what it’s like to have someone not listen to your cries for help. Maybe you’re struggling with chronic pain or a chronic illness that no one sees and you’re painted out to be “dramatic”, “emotional” and “lazy”.

I am here to teach you that you are NONE of those things. I am going to help you unlock your superpower and find your voice. So, what superpower can I help you unleash?

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4 days ago

Kat Haagenson

If you live in a hot, humid climate and have an oily skin type it can be dreadful during the summer. Lucky for you I'm here with a fresh new blog post where I'm going to share my top tried and true tricks to help maintain matte, breakout free skin during the summer.
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