How Minimalism Can Improve Your Health

The reigning theme of minimalism is the belief that less is more. Our culture has done a pretty good job of selling the idea of maximalism and that more is always better. This is why many who want to reframe their approach to this excessive lifestyle have transitioned to minimalism. While minimalism mainly focuses on “things” or “possessions” you can also extend this minimalist approach to your health and nutrition. Focusing on what the majority of your diet is comprised of and questioning how that is working out for you health-wise. I believe experimenting with a minimalist approach to your diet can improve the aging process, decrease the risk of chronic disease and improve quality of life. Here’s why. Continue reading “How Minimalism Can Improve Your Health”

How to Enjoy the Holidays and Manage High Blood Pressure

Common Holiday Triggers

No doubt it can be a major struggle to manage high blood pressure. (1) There are significant changes that are made to nutrition and lifestyle habits. The holiday season brings it’s own unique issues when working to manage your high blood pressure. There are three common triggers that can cause blood pressure levels to rise and lead to issues. These three triggers are high sodium foods, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and increased stress. Combine these factors and you have a recipe for disaster. Today let’s talk about some habits you can focus on implementing this holiday season that will help you maintain your high blood pressure. Continue reading “How to Enjoy the Holidays and Manage High Blood Pressure”

Intuitive Eating During the Holidays

Overconsumption and the Holidays.

The holiday season is literally weeks away. Time to welcome all that comes with this wonderful time of year. This includes spending quality time with loved ones. Taking the time to enjoy the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in the company of family and friends. Another holiday favorite is participating in Black Friday which is the official kick-off of the holiday shopping season. But I’m forgetting one of the most important parts of the holiday season and that is the food! Something that can cause significant stress is the abundance of food at parties and gatherings. This leads to concerns regarding weight management and adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading “Intuitive Eating During the Holidays”

How To Build Strong Bones with Weight Training

Weight training has gained popularity over the past few years. This is primarily due to an increased desire for many women to participate in figure competitions and strength-based sports such as weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit. While many of these sports and activities represent an extreme and reflect a specific niche, there are a variety of benefits associated with regular weight training. Specifically, weight training is beneficial for those that are concerned with preventative health and fitness. A consistent weight training program can increase and improve bone density, prevent bone loss, and improve balance and coordination which aids in preventing falls and fractures. All of these benefits are important for those that are seeking to decrease the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Continue reading “How To Build Strong Bones with Weight Training”

Defining Diabetes

Defining Diabetes

As of 2015, approximately 30.3 million people in America were characterized as having diabetes. Diabetes was also listed at the 7th leading cause of death with over 79,535  deaths listing diabetes as a contributing factor. While these numbers can astound and shock us as we casually read through them they can lose their power and significance in our everyday lives especially when it comes to improving the choices we make regarding our health. Continue reading “Defining Diabetes”