The foods that we consume have a major impact on the aging process. Eating nutrient dense whole, minimally processed foods is optimal. Combining nutrition with holistic wellness practices helps us to maintain the integrity of our health.

Nutrition and wellness are important regardless of age. These things become even more important when you’re focusing on chronic disease prevention and management. It’s also important because it ensures that the body is getting the essential vitamins and minerals that it needs to decrease the signs and symptoms of aging on a physiological level.

Keeping nutrition and wellness simple and easy is the key to creating a healthy lifestyle. Restrictive diets and having an unhealthy attitude towards food causes distress and confusion as to how to consume nutritious meals daily. Consuming an excess of processed foods, refined sugars, and hydrogenated fats can alter the way our body functions and can aggravate chronic conditions and inflammatory disorders. Eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and quality meats is a great way to obtain your essential nutrients.

My approach to health and wellness blends holistic wellness techniques with flexible nutrition. This non-restrictive technique creates a healthy approach to nutrition that doesn’t include dieting and deprivation. Instead, the focus is placed on learning how to eat to maintain health and wellness as a lifestyle choice utilizing a more intuitive approach to nutrition and holistic health. As a Wellness Coach, I will aid you in designing a nutritious and balanced approach to the aging process.

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